Tyler (he/they) is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice emphasizes in fashion-oriented photography and design. Born and raised in the American midwest, their unique perspective is shaped by days spent in the Arkansas heat reading through their favorite fashion publications. With a do-it-yourself mentality, Tyler stands in as the model, photographer, and designer to their own self-directed vignettes.

Based in LA



Smalltown Boy 2018

Having grown up in the state of Arkansas, where the pace is slow and the towns are quiet — adjusting to the overwhelming environment of Los Angeles caused quite a bit of shock. In addition to the change of pace, I found myself struggling with many things, including my sense of identity. Becoming estranged to myself, I had no choice but to contemplate who I once was, and who I have since become.

In this series of images, I attempt to explore to politics of one’s self in transition. Through western dress, contrasted by urban landscapes, my internal struggles are made externally visible. Additionally, collaged works assist to physicalize my own geographical displacement.