Tyler (he/they) is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice emphasizes in fashion-oriented photography and design. Born and raised in the American midwest, their unique perspective is shaped by days spent in the Arkansas heat reading through their favorite fashion publications. With a do-it-yourself mentality, Tyler stands in as the model, photographer, and designer to their own self-directed vignettes.

Based in LA



City of Angels 2019

City of Angels is an addition to a larger body of interdisciplinary works meant to document my experience of Los Angeles and comment on the culture(s) I have not only witnessed but internalized. Born and raised in Arkansas, it could definitely be said that the city of LA presented me with quite a bit of culture shock. This was my first time seeing people live such indulgent—yet entirely self-serving—lifestyles. Until moving here in 2018, my experience of the world was confined to the bounds of the hospitable south. Thinking I’d be elated to leave southern conservatism in exchange for an environment of progressive thought and creativity, to say I was met with a harsh reality check would be an understatement. 

Yes. The weather may be nice, but look at the smog.

Using self-portraits in combination with appropriated imagery, I created double-sides “spreads” to document my examinations of the city around me. These were all printed on notebook paper, crumpled, and then “laminated” using duct tape. Though primarily driven by my interests in (1) the materiality of the image and (2) the manipulation of “garbage” as art (enter Arte Povera), my methods in many ways function analogously to the culture surrounding Los Angeles. As a city dense in pollution of all sorts, we still somehow find ways to dress it up so it’s seen as fashionable and even luxurious.